Garage Door Repair

Garage doors can go dysfunctional due to many reasons. There can be a problem with the remote, door springs, sensors, and wiring or with the motor unit. All Door Solutions is here to help you if you get in trouble. We would inspect the problem and repair the garage door in an organized and efficient way.

Jammed Garage Door Repair

If the garage door is not opening and got jammed, even you tried multiple times with the remote. There may be an issue with the remote, battery or some underlying technical issue with the circuit board. All Door Solutions with having the sufficient expertise to repair sensors, rollers and motor units; offers proficient solutions to such problems and can promptly restore the smooth functioning of the garage door.

Garage Door Opens Partially

Garage doors can become immovable in the middle. It can cause a real trouble if you are leaving the house urgent personal errands. In such stressful situations, contact All Door Solutions for a fast and satisfactory repair. We would quickly identify the problem and with our technical expertise would give it the best fix in the shortest possible time.

Erratic Garage Door Functioning

Garage door starts to behave abnormally and sometimes reverses before touching the floor or motors keep running even after it shuts down. There is an interconnected mechanism of motors and rollers, and any friction on rollers or other moving parts can hamper the smooth functioning. All Door Solutions is a reliable name if you need a professional repair of your garage door. Our knowledgeable technicians can proficiently repair the garage door of all manufacturers.

Safety Sensor Problem

Sometimes a problem can occur due to the transmission of beams or a malfunctioning photo-eye. Technicians from All Door Solutions perform an in-depth inspection to find out if there is anything wrong with the safety sensors. Our electrician would inspect the sensors and can expertly fix it.

Professional Troubleshooting of Garage Doors

Making unprofessional and improper attempts to repair a dysfunctional garage door can cause severe damages to the mechanical parts. All Door Solutions is the name you can trust when you are looking for an efficient and concrete troubleshooting of your garage door. Our expert technicians are just a call away to repair your garage door professionally and at an affordable price.