Garage Door Repair Guelph

Garage Door Repair Guelph

We are a professional Garage Door Repair service in Guelph. If your garage door is stuck or it is opening by slanting on one side, or there is some other fault that requires a fix from a professional technician then we are here to help you with expert garage door repairs. All Door Solutions is a professional Garage Door Repair Guelph company that you can trust for a quicker and affordable garage door repair.


24 Hour Emergency Service
5 Years Labor & parts Warranty
Licensed & Insured
Best prices in local market
20 Years Of Experience
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Only $19 Service Call Fee
Same Day Service

Got two openers installed in no time the same day I called. Very helpful and polite, I would recommend them to anyone looking for help with their garage door!

Alex Edghill

Excellent service and great price. The technician David did a fantastic job.

Highly recommended.

Mario Palumbo

The technician was on time and provided options to fix my garage door spring. He provided tips on aftercare much appearciated. I will recommend to family and friends.

Cal Bains

Very prompt and friendly. Fixed my garage door in minutes and didn't over charge. Highly recommend this company

Natanya Friedman

Steve Pekar was an extremely helpful and courteous technician. Although I went against his advice and decided to go with the bare minimum service to get my garage door functional, he made sure that the job was done right...

Aloke Raj Banerjee

Steve from All Door is a magician! I idiotically locked myself out of my garage and within 2 hours of placing my call, Steve was there with his tools to start the job...

Albert Nam

Top Quality Service

Top Quality Labour

Best Price

Garage Door Opener Repair Guelph

Various parts of a garage door connect together and enable smooth opening and closing of a garage door. A fault with any of these parts which include, wires, springs; rail, pulley, motors, and sensors can hamper the smooth opening of your garage door. Most of these moving parts of a garage door have a lifespan and go out of order when reaching that limit. Sometimes an improper use, such as dirt, rust, and erosions reduce their life of these parts, and they snap earlier than expected. Whatever the reason may be our professional Garage Door Opener Repair Guelph technicians can easily trace the fault with your garage door opener and make it as good as new. 

Mostly garage door springs broke all of a sudden and made your garage door out of order. Garage door springs are readily available on the market or online, but you should never try Garage Door Spring Replacement because these springs are twisted from both sides and hold a lot of energy. Releasing them without professional help can cause severe injuries as they can snap and hit suddenly. Our expert Garage Door Spring Repair Guelph technicians will replace broken springs of your garage door and give it a fresh start.

Garage Door Installation Guelph

Perfect installation of a new garage door is an essential to use it properly over an extended period. A broken garage door installation minimizes the life of the door and leads to damages and mishaps. All Door Solutions is a top rated company that provides professional Garage Door Installation services in Guelph. Call us to get our high-quality repair and installation services or fill a simple online form to get a free estimation.