Garage Door installation
  • Our professional and courteous technicians are experts in all types of door repairs. We can restore and refinish knocks, dents, splits and scratches in solid wood, veneers, laminate covered and even foiled coated residential doors. We can also assist you in:

  • Lubricating Squeaky Hinges And Rollers
  • Replacing Damaged Sections
  • Torsion And Extension Spring Replacement
  • Opener Parts Replacement
  • Replacing Bent Tracks, Circuit Boards, Drive Chains And Belts
  • Replacing Rollers And Hinges
  • Replacing Weather Seals
  • Lubricating And Adjusting Tracks
  • Installation Of Safety Cables
  • and more…

Welcome to We provide a speedy and professional service for maintaining and repairing garage doors, commercial doors, overhead doors, residential entry doors, residential doors and more. We have been in business for more than 20 years and have vast experience resolving a wide variety of door problems in domestic, commercial, and industrial properties.

You name it, we’ve repaired, installed and maintained it! And when we finish your repair we’ll throw in a complementary hinge and roller lubrication and parts inspection for good measure. And offer you tips and advice on how to look after your doors to keep them in good working order once the job is done.

Or, if you prefer, we can provide a customized maintenance plan so that your doors will keep on opening and shutting smoothly for many years to come.

Garage and overhead doors have more than 300 moving parts and it is essential to keep them in good working order so as to avoid yet another unexpected emergency lockout crisis. A timely check-up and repair every year is very affordable and can save a lot of future time, money and trouble.

But if you do find yourself shut out you can call us 24/7 and we will send out our emergency door repair team to get your door opening again. If they can’t fix your door that same day they can at least stabilize it so that it is safe and will return to make the repair as soon as they can.

We also install and maintain all makes of door operating equipment and accessories including concealed transom closers, floor springs and other types of door closers.

Glass Garage Door Section Replacement
Garage Door Windows

We install only top quality, commercial grade rollers, hinges, springs, and cables so that you get a durable and hassle-free repair and if you are looking for a new residential, garage, overhead or other types of door we will be delighted to recommend and quote for a door that fits your needs and budget.

Whatever your garage door, commercial door, overhead door, residence entry door and residential door repair problem please call for a FREE no obligation quotation.

We can promise you unrivaled customer service and satisfaction and are fully committed to excellence, reliability, integrity, and value.

Our workers carry full insurance coverage and their work and parts installed are fully guaranteed for one year. for excellent service and repair of residential, garage, overhead and most other types of doors.